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Off The Deep End Bar

Off the Deep End, located on the west side of the pool deck, is a shaded sanctuary for the adults. Serving cold craft brews and our new draft beers as well as specialty Summer cocktails, this is the place to enjoy TDC signature beverages every day during happy hour.

Off The Deep End Bar Hours:

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE HOURSClosed9:30am-5:30pm9:30am-5:30pm9:30am-5:30pm9:30am-5:30pm9:30am-5:30pmClosed
ACCOUNTING OFFICE HOURS8am-2pm8am-4pm8am-4pm8am-4pm8am-4pmBy Appointment OnlyBy Appointment Only
DINING HOURSClosed11am-5pm11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-5pm
BAR HOURSClosed8am-9pm8am-9pm8am-9pm8am-10pm8am-9pm8am-8pm
FITNESS ROOM HOURS6am – 2pm6am – 9pm6am – 9pm6am – 9pm6am – 9pm6am – 9pm6am – 8pm
GOLF SHOP HOURSClosed8am-5:30pm8am-5:30pm8am-5:30pm8am-5:30pm8am-5:30pm8am-5:30pm
COURT HOURS8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-4pm8am-4pm
RANGE HOURSClosed8:00am until 1 hour before sunset
TENNIS SHOP HOURS8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-4pm8am-4pm
FIRST TEE TIMESClosedAvailable at 8:30am Tuesday through Sunday
POOL HOURSClosed – Reopens May 22, 2020
POOL GRILL HOURSClosed – Reopens May 22, 2020
POOL OASIS BARClosed – Reopens May 22, 2020

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