Our Team

Meet the Staff

Neil Jones, PGA

Neil Jones
General Manager
Telephone: (804) 360-0093 x123
Email: General Manager
1 Year of Service



Tammy Morgan

Membership Director
Telephone: (804) 360-0095
Email: Membership Director
1 Year of Service


Phyllis Case

Catering Sales Manager
Telephone: (804) 360-0091
Email: Catering Sales Manager
1 Year of Service


Paul Sargent, PGA

Paul Sargent
Assistant Golf Professional

Telephone: (804) 360-1200 x124
Email: Assistant Golf Professional


Bill Ranson, PGA

Bill Ranson
1st Assistant Golf Professional
Telephone: (804) 360-0093 x131
Email: 1st Assistant Golf Professional
1 Year of Service


Robert Morgan, GCSAA

Robert Morgan
Director of Golf Course Maintenance
Email: Director of Golf Course Maintenance
1 Year of Service


Joe Cappellino, USPTA

Joe Cappellino
Director of Tennis
Telephone: (804) 360-0398 x151
Email: Director of Tennis
15 Years of Service



Head Tennis Professional
Telephone: (804) 360-0398 x151
Email: Head Tennis Professional
1 Year of Service


Jhase Hathaway

Executive Chef
Telephone: (804) 360-1200 ext 128
Email: Executive Chef


Katy Hood

Office Manager
Telephone: (804) 360-4231
Email: Office Manager
2 Years of Service


Erica Cherry

Erica Cherry
Kid’s Club Supervisor
Telephone: (804) 360-1200 x130
15 Years of Service


Mike Dolan

Mike Dolan
Maintenance Engineer
Telephone: (804) 360-1200
Email: Maintenance Engineer
7 Years of Service


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