PGA Instruction


Paul describes his teaching style as “Impact-Centered Instruction” and works with golfers of all abilities, from the scratch player to the first-timer:

“The only truly universal aspect of the greatest swings in golf is the motion of the golf club from just prior to impact to just after. This is the point where these swings have the least amount of variance, despite the differences in their looks as a whole. Thus, no other section of a golf swing can be considered as essential to its effectiveness.”

“I focus my instruction on teaching how to move the club through this impact zone in a more effective manner. Once this skill has been mastered, the rest of a student’s golf swing can be built around this motion and we can take into account body type, flexibility, strength and other individual differences.”

Paul is also a very experienced club fitter and believes that any new equipment purchase should begin on the range with a proper PGA club fitting.


Ed, commonly known as Coach Ed, understands that golf is a game; games are to be played and enjoyed using a variety of tools. In golf, such tools include golf clubs, balls, modern day stat keeping technology, a player’s body, mind and attitude to list a few. Ed is extremely passionate at coaching players to understand how to best utilize these tools to seek further enjoyment in the life-long game of golf.

Coach Ed is a Level 2 PGA Associate, working towards his Class A PGA Membership. He has strong coaching credentials in junior golf with over 5 years of leading a First Tee program earning Recognized First Tee Coach status. Ed is also Level 1 K-Vest Certified, Level 1 SuperSpeed Golf Certified, an Operation36 and Birdie Basics trained Coach and a certified Titleist Club Fitting Professional. Coach Ed is always seeking educational opportunities to continue to better his ability to coach his students towards their goals and successes. 

Currently, Ed leads the TDC Junior Golf Academy, powered by Operation 36 and Birdie Basics. This program provides educational opportunities to junior golfers between the ages of 5-17 of all skill levels, and consists of a mix of classes and on-course matches. He also leads our PGA Junior League teams, SuperSpeed Golf Speed Training classes as well as several other skill development programs. Coach Ed also offers a wide variety of private coaching programs including one-on-one lessons, small group lessons, long-term programs and more! To learn more about Coach Ed’s offerings, check out his website HERE!

With a gregarious and energetic personality, Coach Ed always puts the student first. It is his belief that every golfer has the ability to achieve their goals and he finds great joy in helping golfers learn to utilize their full tool set to enjoy every moment in their golf journey.


Patrick is a gear-head with a passion for club fitting. He is versed in fitting systems from Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and others. Should you desire to upgrade your equipment, he will be able to help you dial your order into exactly what you need. The only problem with a club fitting from Patrick is that it will eliminate the option to blame your clubs for the odd bad shot!


Our golf professionals offer individual lessons, in addition to youth coaching during spring break and summer camps. Young/old, male/female, hack/scratch golfer, we have the golf professional to suit the needs of your golf game!

Allow our PGA Professional Staff to improve your game with individual or group instruction. The Dominion Club professional teaching staff is committed to meeting the needs of every student by helping golfers increase their enjoyment of the game through sound fundamentals and techniques. Our experienced golf instructors offer lessons for all ages and skill levels.